Hiring the Very Able Disabled

In the normal course of keeping my finger on the pulse of all things recruiting, I came across a new booklet from the states (published by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce) in which leading US companies shared their best practices for hiring people with disabilities. That booklet also references a “Disability Toolkit” from Cornell University which is also filled with great info.

But there are great resources that are a bit closer to home. For example, Disability Employment Australia represents Disability Employment Service Providers who will help recruiters place people with disabilities free of charge. Disability Works Australia can help you with recruiting. Job Access, Australia Network on Disability and Disability Employment Australia are other great resources.

New Zealand’s Employers’ Disability Network also offers numerous useful publications, and the non-profit group EEO Trust offers information and support for employers seeking to hire the disabled.

As we all scramble to hire the “very best,” we all should remember that not only do the disabled have a lot to offer, but also that a wealth of free resources exist to help us hire them. And we should also remember that – heaven forbid – any one of us could become disabled at any time. So let’s all do our part.

Keeping Weirdness Out of Your Workforce

As if I needed any further confirmation that people can be… well, strange…
Someone recently passed me a link to an Intuit Quickbase post the “10 Weirdest Things Said and Done in Job Interviews.” And it reinforced my thinking that using Talegent’s new Video Interview Screening in place of phone screening can help companies save time by filtering out bizarre behavior that a phone screen might not catch. Such as these 2 examples from the Quickbase post:

“Once I had a guy show up for an interview in flip-flops and shorts, high as a kite. I asked him about a gap on his resume, and he said that during those two years he had been starring in a well-known television show. He had not been.”

“I once had a candidate show up for her interview directly from the pool. She still had on a wet bikini under a super short, strapless romper thing and flip flops. Her hair was still wet. The interview had been scheduled for over a week.”

A video interview would have revealed these candidates’ nonchalant attitude toward professionalism right off the bat and saved the hiring company’s wasted time to bring them in. Of course then, they wouldn’t have had the story to tell, but in life there’s always a tradeoff.

If you want to be weirded out further, check out the full list top 10 list of “weirdest” interview behavior.